CKCIUSA WORLD OUTREACH MINISTRIES, we're anointed to ensuring you and your loved ones that Christ is able to rebuild your life and destiny no matter how bad it's.  HE IS ABLE. 

CKCIUSA IS A World global Ministries THAT IS design in 

teaching, and commissioning ministers for wining souls for Christ, shearing the word of God. Helping the less privilege, Widows, orphanage, rebuilding destinies.

CKCI World Outreach Ministries International, founded in 2009 by Apostle Dr. Prince Johnson, is a ministry devoted in Training Leaders- Evangelism and equipping Christians to have "Answers for their Faith," I Peter 3:15. Our specialized ministry involves both refuting the false teachings of the Cults, World Religions, and Evolution and sharing the Gospel with those ensnared by false religious philosophies.

We are strongly committed to historic Biblical Christianity and the Word of God. Our heart is for evangelism through Christian apologetics and training Christians to gracefully "Contend earnestly for their Faith," Jude3.

Christian Ministries International holds Seminars in churches throughout North America and also works with Mission organizations around the globe in training national pastors and missionaries to effectively respond to the cults and religions that are active on the mission fields of the world.

A wealth of excellent educational resources, including books, audio CD's, DVD's and videos are available through our online bookstore. Our prayer is that you will grow in grace and truth to the glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.